World Bank

Starting June, 2017, KIITEC embarked on a project to provide skill-based training to youths from disadvantaged backgrounds in the northern and central zone in Tanzania.

The objective of this program is to combat the problem of unemployment in the country, prevalent among youths caused by lack of lack of work skills.

Recent studies have observed that only 3% of graduates have the required skills for their respective fields, most of whom come from training institutes.

Compelled by an insatiable passion for development, KIITEC, enlisting the help of the world-bank, set out to provide skill based training to youths between the age of eighteen and thirty in the following fields:

Mobile apps development course

IT & Security Course

Domestic Electrical and Solar PV Systems Course

The beneficiaries of this course are those without minimum educational qualifications required to be sponsored by the government and without financial means of pursuing tertiary education. Currently, 71 youths are being trained in the said courses, for utmost, a year at KIITEC Institute. This program is expected to continue for five years.


This program is sponsored by the world-bank through Tanzania loans board (HELSB)