Basic knowledge in electricity/electronics/instrumentation is desirable.


Electrical/Electronic and Industrial/ Instrumentation Engineers/Technicians.


A minimum of 4 participants


40 hours with the following two options

4 -Weeks (Mon- Friday, from 4pm to 6pm)


1-Week (Mon – Friday, from 8a.m – 4pm)


  • Understand the purpose, functions and operations of PLCs
  • Identify the basic components of a PLC and their functions
  • Understand the hardware configuration on each M 340 PLC module components
  • Create and simulate projects with M340 PLC using unity pro and with SIEMENS using logo comfort
  • Configure the I/O for a PLC project using PLC software
  • Competent on programming basic and advanced PLC projects
  • Be able to perform installation on PLC and its components
  • Establish the communication with PLC using different protocol of communication
  • Be able to perform graphics projects on unity pro software



  • Introduction to the purpose, functions and operations of the PLC in industrial application
  • Identification of various components of the PLC
  • Functions, reference and Hardware configuration of the Power supply, CPU, Communication, Digital/analogue inputs and outputs modules of the PLC (Based on M340)
  • Introduction to PLC programming languages and basic programming concepts
  • Creation and management of projects using Ladder language (based on unity pro, zelio and logo comfort FOR BEGINNERS)
  • Projects programming and simulation exercises based on Unity pro software FOR BEGINNERS LEVEL
  • Projects programming and simulation exercises based on unity pro software (FOR ADVANCE LEVEL)
  • Timer function block
  • CTU and CTD function block
  • Comparator Function block
  • Function Block diagram
  • Wiring a PLC(M340/Siemens) power supply, digital/analogue Input and/or output modules
  • Establishing communications with PLC (i.e. M340/siemens)
  • use of USB to USB cable
  • Use of ethernet cable
  • Graphics creation and simulation projects based on Unity pro software


TUITION FEESTsh800,000/-

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