Duration:  3 months (evening class) or 3 weeks (full time)

Course objectives:

-Identify major VPN categories and topologies, their applications and technologies that can be used to implement them.
-Describe MPLS/VPN terminology and architecture.
-Describe the routing and forwarding model of MPLS/VPN.
-Configure Virtual routing and forwarding tables.
-Configure Multi-Protocol BGP in MPLS/VPN backbone and the PE-CE routing protocols.
-Monitor and troubleshoot MPLS/VPN operations.
-Describe the specifics of OSPF operation inside a VPN network.
-Develop a migration strategy toward MPLS/VPNs

Course outline:

-Introduction to MPLS
-MPLS-VPN Control Plane
-CE-PE Routing Protocols
-Miscellaneous MPLS-VPN

Fees depends on class size (ask for details)