Duration: 3 years

Intake: From 19 / 08 / 2019

Aims and Objectives of This Course are:

  1. Understand the main concepts of industrial process dynamics and the necessary theory and practice for the design and operation of process control systems. This includes:
    • Process dynamics concepts associated with industrial process operation
    • Process control philosophies
    • Process control instrumentation concepts
    • Key operation concepts
    • Concepts of theory and design
    • Linear control systems
    • Computer-aided process operation
    • Process simulation
    • P&I diagrams
  2. Enhance practical skills in diagnostics and maintenance of electrical automation systems

1st Year Programme (NTA Level 4)

  • Data Communication
  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Basic Computer Applications
  • Principles of Electrical Engineering
  • Measurements
  • Laboratory Technology
  • Analog Electronics
  • Entrepreneurship and Development
  • Communication skills

2nd Year Programme  (NTA Level 5)

  • Micro-controllers
  • Data Communications
  • Entrepreneurship & Development
  • Communication Skills
  • Electronic Projects
  • Mathematics for Electronics
  • Digital Electronics

3rd Year Programme (NTA Level 6)

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Communications Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and Development
  • Control Systems
  • PLCs & SCADA
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Solar PV systems
  • Internships

To enroll in this diploma course, you need to have a minimum of Four(4) D - PASS in Mathematics and Science Subjects. In case you do not have the Minimum Qualifications, there is a bridging course of 8 weeks here at KIITEC.

The KIITEC’s actual fee is Tsh.  1,200,000/=


1. The mentioned amount paid by the students includes Tuition fees, Library fees, tea, coffee, and lunch during the semester period.

2. All fees may be revised from time to time.

3. The fee can be paid based on two installments.