Basic knowledge in electricity/electronics/instrumentation is desirable.


Electrical/Electronic and Industrial/Instrumentation Engineers/Technicians.


A minimum of 4 participants


40 Hours with the following two options

4 -Weeks (Mon- Friday, from 4pm to 6pm)


 1 -Week (Mon – Friday, from 8a.m – 4pm)


  • Understand the different types of sensors and transducers used in industry
  • Be able to identify type of sensor and transducers whether discrete or analogue type
  • Understand the wiring connection of different sensor and transducers
  • Perform basic measurement of the sensors and actuators
  • Perform calibration and basic maintenance on transducers
  • Understand and identify different types of actuators
  • Perform basic measurement and installation of electrical and pneumatic actuators
  • Understand the basics of Induction motor and be able to perform wiring connection for motor starters
  • Understand the basics of speed drives and their characteristics
  • Perform the wiring connection and configuration of the speed drives for variety applications
  • Introduction to instrumentation, sensor, transducers and actuators
  • Classification of signals
  • In/on training on Discrete sensors
        • Limit switches
        • Proximity sensors
          • Inductive
          • Capacitive
          • Hall Effect
          • Magnetic reed switch
          • Ultrasonic
          •  Photoelectric
            • Though-beam
            • Retro-reflective
            • Diffuse reflective
          • Encoders
            • Incremental encoder
            • Absolute encoder
  • In/on training on temperature transducers
    • Thermocouple
    • RDT
    • Thermistors
  • Position transducers In/on training
      • Potentiometers
      • Linear and Rotary Variable Differential Transformers
      • Optical Encoders (Auto sol Schneider pg149-151)
  • Fluid Transducers In/on training
      • Pressure Transducers
      • Flow Transducers (turbine Flowmeters)
      • Level Transducers
        • Direct level sensing
        • Indirect Level Sensing
  • Discrete Actuators In/on training
      • Pneumatic   and Hydraulic actuators
      • Discrete valves
      • Motors contactors
  • Electric motor in/on training
    • Direct on-line starter (D.O.L)
    • Forward and reverse direction
    • Star/delta starter
  • Variable speed drives in/on training
    • Installation of the speed drives
    • Configuration of the speed drives

TUITION FEESTsh800,000/-