Duration:  6 Months; 4 Months in Class and 2 Months Internship

Date:        17 st June 2019 To 22nd Oct 2019

Time:      08:30 Am - 12:30 Pm, Monday - Friday

This is the beginner’s course for secondary school graduates who would like to be electrical technicians. It provides practical knowledge and information on how to design, install, maintain, service and / or rectify electrical and solar circuits.

Successful participants are awarded a technical certificate at the completion, that allows them to be employed as electrical technicians for domestic electrical and solar PV systems installation.


  • Theory 20 %
  • Practical 80 %


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Design Electrical circuits
  • Estimate cost and material required for the installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Design and Install small and medium home solar system
  • Standards for electrical installation
  • Faulty rectification in electrical circuits
  • Repair and Maintenance of electrical appliances

This course targets secondary school graduates and anyone else wishing to acquire the basic knowledge in electricity.

TSH's 400,000/- per person per course

10,000/- application fee


This figure is not permanent, the management of KIITEC may change the cost as the need arise.