KIITEC  is a technical institution registered by NACTE (REG/EOS/027) based in Moshono, Arusha next to Masai Camp. The institute was founded in 2004 by French engineers and has thence contrived to produce the most competent technicians in the country. The institute is financed and supported by two NGO's  The Foundation for Technical Education (FTE-Swiss) and Action Development Education International (ADEI-French.)

At KIITEC, one can get the most recent technical knowledge in the fields of Telecommunications, Industrial Electrical Automation and Computer Engineering to a diploma level (NTA - 6). Beside diploma courses, KIITEC also offers certificate, short and professional courses on Solar PV energy, Electricity, IT & security, CCNA, Human Machine Interface(HMI) and many other courses.

Our Mission 

  1. To provide quality hands-on technical training for students in Applied Sciences, Technology, Entrepreneurship and related disciplines, as well as to conduct quality research, and consultancies in these fields.
  2. To promote the development and usage of appropriate technology that meets national and regional needs and standards through skills and practical oriented training, research and consultancy.
  3. To foster honesty, respect and responsibility, lifelong learning, innovation and creativity through technology based education.

Our Vision

  1. To become the center of excellence for renewable energy particularly solar PV systems and wind energy in East Africa.
  2. Strive to be recognized as the premier provider of quality technical education in a student-centered community

Visitors are very welcome to visit KIITEC any working day, and we are grateful for this opportunity to speak before all of  you about our institution.

Assessment and Regulations

Each course is assessed on a continuous basis. Continuous assessment based on assignment, theory and practical tests account for 60%; Semester examinations (theory and practical) account for 40%. Students must obtain a minimum of 60% to pass each course module.

Apart from academic assessment, students are also trained to follow institute’s  discipline  on punctuality and attendance.